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Flight Description

  • See the world like never before from breathtaking heights and fly peacefully over cities, farms, and fields from the cockpit of a high-performance self-launch sailplane by an FAA-certified pilot.

  • Soar above the earth in a sleek sailplane for a smooth exciting adventure with spectacular views better than you have ever imagined. Take your own pictures of soaring to scenic, majestic vistas, awesome panoramas.

  • Our glider is equipped with several safety features and   dual control-sticks. Under the direction of our pilot, you may do part of the flying if you wish. Almost everyone does take the stick even for a short time.

  • Your soaring experience including altitude and duration will be unique and custom based on your flight preferences and the weather.

  • Soaring Heart Aviation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations will be allocated to funding the same spectacular experience to children receiving medical treatment and care from Children’s Hospitals and to support our basic operations.


Before flight please read Waiver here.


You can find images and videos of flights on the Gallery Page.


Relax and enjoy the view. Take photos if you have a camera.
Be sure to keep your hands off the control stick and feet off the rudder pedals.
Many pilots like to talk and answer questions but be sure to be quiet during the takeoff and the approach and landing, when all the pilot’s concentration must be on the task at hand.

The Pipistrel Taurus is designed for limited aerobatics – We want to provide an enjoyable flight not to exceed the aircraft limitations.

When you arrive at the airport on your flight day, you will be greeted and meet your pilot for a pre-flight briefing. Your pilot will custom design your flight to match your desires and the weather conditions, you will then be encouraged to use the facilities after which you will be provided a “flight bag” to bring on the flight. Next you will be escorted to the sailplane. Then, you will be assisted into the plane, seat belts and headset adjusted and fastened and tested. Your pilot will climb into the sailplane and conduct pre-taxi procedures, taxi to the runway, takeoff, climb to altitude, incredible soaring, and descend to a safe landing, taxi, and picture with the plane and pilot.

The Pipistrel Taurus M is a side-by-side two-seat aircraft.

The Pipistrel Taurus M has a pilot and passenger combined weight limit of 512 lbs. Taking into consideration many other weight factors we are limiting the passenger weight to 250 lbs. Height is very generous, 6’4” will be the tallest comfortable height.

Wear a hat with a brim that will shade your eyes. Sunglasses are also recommended. You may bring a few personal items including a small purse, camera, phone, and water bottle. It’s best to wear athletic clothes that allow you to climb easily in and out of the plane. On sunny days, radiant heat through the canopy will keep the temperature in the glider similar to and sometimes warmer than the temperature on the ground. On cloudy days, it will get cooler as the glider ascends, so an extra layer is recommended.

All passengers must be able to sit independently strapped into the seat. Additional seat cushions will be provided when needed. Please carefully consider what your child will need to enjoy the flight.

Gliders/Sailplanes are engineered to take maximum advantage of the energy in the atmosphere. Heat and moisture combine to create winds and thermal activity that lift the glider. On a good soaring day, a glider pilot can fly over three miles high and stay aloft for hours. Your custom flight will be determined by the weather that day.

Yes, it is especially safe because eliminating a motor eliminates the risk of motor failure. The glider pilot designs the flight plan to use the atmospheric conditions to return safely to the airport.

FAA rules and regulations, in addition to our insurance requirements do not permit passengers to take the controls of the glider.

If you want a quiet and calm experience, it’s best to fly on a clear and windless day, most often in the early morning or toward evening. If you’re up for a more energetic soaring flight, wind and partial clouds make for the best conditions. Your pilot is dedicated to providing you a very pleasant and as smooth as possible flight.

Tips are not expected but are welcome. All tips will go to support Soaring Heart Aviation as an additional donation.

: We will contact you on your flight day if there’s any doubt about the weather. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to cancel the flight at any time due to adverse weather conditions.

Some passengers are affected by motion sickness. If you’re concerned that this may be a problem, please advise your pilot who will take precautions to make the flight comfortable for you.

Our sailplane, Pipistrel Taurus M, is equipped with lap and shoulder harnesses which will be worn/fastened at all times.

No parachutes necessary – The Pipistrel Taurus – M aircraft is equipped with BRS (Ballistic Rescue System) a parachute system designed to deploy and safe the entire aircraft, passenger, and pilot.       (https://www.brsaerospace.com/)          

Safety is our top priority! We will contact you on your flight day if there are any mechanical issues impacting safe operations/flight. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to cancel the flight at any time due to mechanical reasons.

Yes. Our plane and pilots are mobile. Meaning, if there are enough scheduled flights (3+) we will make every effort to come to and fly out of a local airport near you. Go to the “Contact Us” page and send us a message with your location and nearest airports.

Quiet and serene experience: Gliding offers a quieter and more serene flying experience, allowing pilots and passengers to enjoy the peacefulness of soaring through the air without the noise of an engine.

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